Bliss 100 CIC Hearing Aid

Product ID: LUI150-88

Custom Hearing Aid Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC) Bliss

About | Bliss 100

Bliss gives you – and your patients – plenty to smile about. Simple connectivity to wireless devices. Speech Variable Processing that delivers the natural sound Sonic is known for. And Speech Priority Noise Reduction specifically designed to make everyday conversations every bit enjoyable. Introduce your patients to Bliss. It’s a conversation you’ll be pretty happy about, too.

Speech Variable Processing, Freq. Bandwidth 10kHz, Adp. Feedback Canceller, Wind NR, Impulse NR, Soft NR & Speech Priority NR 4 levels , Hybrid Adaptive Dir., Adaptive Dir., Binaural Volume & Program change, 14 Environment, Environment Classification, Non-Telephone Ear Control with (Auto Telephone), 4 Manual Listening Programs, Data Logging, Data Learning, Auto Telephone Detection.

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